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Canon C. "Horse" Canonkiller | 25 | he/they | a.k.a. androdragynous + IceOfWaterflock

welcome to my humble abode. i've tried to keep things organized; primary info in collapsed sections below (click on them to open em up) and more detailed info like my terms of service, commission info, fun links, etc etc in the links in the sidebar! there's also a music player on the bottom of the screen, if tuning into to Radio Canonkiller strikes your interest.

as always, if you can't find something or something has gone horribly wrong, shoot me a message on whatever platform's your preference and i'll get back to it ASAP. if it's in a professional manner, please pop an email to, my vanity plate of the internet.

love ya, have a nice day!

CLICK HERE for accounts / links / contact

tumblr: main | art blog | free art request inbox
discord: canonkiller#9695 | general / art server
places to buy my bases: ko-fi shop |
places to buy my designs / adopts: this toyhouse folder
places to buy my art: commission info page (a little outdated)
places to subscribe to me: ko-fi | patreon (ttrpg)
places to buy my art on merch: redbubble | teepublic
help my disabled ass out by buying stuff for me: am*zon wishlist for accessibility stuff | am*zon wishlist for fun stuff

less mains:
other posting locations: toyhouse (ocs/adopts) | youtube (animations/timelapses) | twitch (streams) | instagram | curious cat (q+a)
twitter (inactive until it stops being shit): main | art only
inactive posting locations: ao3 | deviantart
other sites: flight rising | art fight | trello queue | 18+ info

moderation resumé: (leave a review!)

mod / staff roles
  • Crysalla / crystal-caverns - closed species moderator, adopt artist, and site creation / management (2022-present)
  • Althereans - closed species moderator, adopt artist, and masterlist management (2022-2023)
  • CATWALK zine - particpant management and organization, layout, file management, page artist (2022, unofficial)
  • ISLES charity zine - founder and main moderator, participant management and organization, layout (2021)

guest artist / collaborative project roles
  • Turrent Tarot Portal-themed tarot - card artist (ongoing)
  • Worlds Beyond original content zine - page artist (2022)
  • Cheesewings - guest designer (x1, 2022)
  • Peakwings - guest designer (x1, 2020), guest collaborator (x3, 2022)
  • Slishwings- guest designer (x3, 2022)
  • Mariswings - guest collaborator (x2, 2021)
  • Destiny Wings of Fire charity zine - psge artist (2021)
  • Radiant Scales dragon-themed tarot - card artist (2020)

closed species resources
  • Peakwing icon base, customizable with all basic traits (Picrew and PSD, 2022)
  • Slishwing fullbody base, customizable with all basic traits (PSD, 2022)

CLICK HERE for bases / resources