I don't know what to put on this page I put all of the info on other pages.

Will probably update this to have the rest of my account links. wahoo. sorry that some of the pages have different font sizes/spacing im still trying to figure out how i did that.

where to find me:
tumblr: main | art blog | free art request inbox
discord: canonkiller#9695 | general / art server
places to support my art: ko-fi | patreon
places to buy my art on things: redbubble | teepublic
other posting locations: toyhouse (ocs) | youtube (animations and timelapses) | twitch (streams) | instagram | curious cat (q+a)
twitter (inactive until it stops being shit): main | art only | 18+
inactive posting locations: ao3 | deviantart
other sites: flight rising | art fight | trello queue