is it not enough to see an artist, unhinged?

Canon C. "Horse" Canonkiller | 25 | he/they | a.k.a. androdragynous + IceOfWaterflock

`coding really sucks to do when you cant see! stuff on here might be outdated bc of that. if you're looking for my recent art prints, theyre on inprnt, and if you're looking for anything else, message me! im still active on tumblr and discord, and check messages on instagram and twitter.

welcome to my humble abode. i've tried to keep things organized; primary info in collapsed sections below (click on them to open em up) and more detailed info like my terms of service, commission info, fun links, etc etc in the links in the sidebar! there's also a music player on the bottom of the screen, if tuning into to Radio Canonkiller strikes your interest.

as always, if you can't find something or something has gone horribly wrong, shoot me a message on whatever platform's your preference and i'll get back to it ASAP. if it's in a professional manner, please pop an email to, my vanity plate of the internet.

love ya, have a nice day!