Services I Offer

Please review my terms of service before requesting my services. Thank you!

Things I Would Love To Do For You / Your Project

  • Create monsters / creatures, items, or locations for your TRRPG campaign or system rulebook
  • Be a guest artist for your closed species to design adoptables or bases
  • Draw your original character(s), especially unusual anthro species, characters with disabilities, mobility aids or scarring, and fat characters
  • Create covers or internal illustrations for your stories or TTRPG system rulebook
  • Set up a simple carrd with information about you or your project (artists who are just starting out can ask for this for free)

Commission Info

I work primarily in 2d digital illustration of characters and scenes, but am willing and able to branch out if required. At this time, I am dealing with chronic vision issues that has dramatically slowed my ability to create art, and as a result my public commissions are closed indefinitely until it begins to resolve. All clients who have ordered work from me prior to my condition worsening have been refunded and affected clients (incluing those who submitted commission requests through my application form) will be re-contacted for advance claim on commission slots prior to public commissions reopening.

Because of my ongoing vision issues, I do not have set prices at this time. A rough pricing guide has been provided below.

If you have interest in commissioning me despite the delays caused by my current vision condition, please contact me by email at

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