Resources and Links

These are the different resources I used for making this site, plus some additional links to tools I use in art and things I find helpful! I also keep up a resources tag on tumblr if that's more your style.

BGM / Instrumental Ambient Playlists for TRRPG (Spotify) Giant Mixed Playlists General TTRPG Cyberpunk / Sci-fi / High-Tech / Lancer Settings
Used For This Site
  • sadgrl's layout builder - used this for the basic setup of the site! Has sidebar, header and fotter options and is very straightforward to use!
  • SCM music player - code for the music player at the bottom of each page
  • Tune My Music - site used for transferring Spotify playlist to Youtube playlist to find links for the music player faster
  • BawkBox - host for the customer reviews widget on my commissions page
  • sadgrl 404 page tutorial - guide to setting up a custom 404 error page on neoticites
Big List Of Bases
  • drakeroot's Ko-fi - highly customizable dragon bases (and art packs!)
  • goneFEViral's Gumroad - various anthro bases, including fish and dinosaurs
  • SQUEEDGE's Payhip - various anthro reptile and dinosaur bases
  • scpkid's Patreon - tons of anthro and feral bases, including ref-sheet style fullbodies and smaller pagedolls / chibis and a wide range of species
  • linsaang's Ko-fi - highly customizable anthro and feral dragon bases, Wings of Fire
Brushes and Art Resources
  • DAUB Brushes on Gumroad - the brushes I'm almost always using are Speed Gator and Dry Pigment from the CSP superbundle!
Art Programs (Free and Paid)


  • (will add links to this later)
  • Krita - has a (currently unique?) tiled preview view that makes drawing repeating / tiled backgrounds a BREEZE
  • FireAlpaca


  • (will add links to this later)
  • Clip Studio Paint - This is the program I use for regular art and also animating!
  • Rebelle - expensive! but if you can catch a good sale, very impressive painting software
Miscellaneous Resources
  • Tune My Music - site used for transferring Spotify playlist to Youtube playlist to find links for the music player faster
  • Spriter's Resource - gamerips of sprites and sprite sheets. has sister sites for models, textures, and sound effects
  • webneko - adds a cat to your site that chases the cursor. If you turned on that one xKit extension with the cat in it, it's this
  • eBird Random Bird - gives you a random bird. This one isn't a site resource it's just fun
  • fonts in use - bunch of fonts
  • cssdrive color palette generator - creates color palettes based on images. site has a lot of other resources also!
  • canonkiller's commission and pricing guide - i wrote this. a lot of text about being someone who sells art and how to do it in a way that doesn't fuck you over
  • Aywren's Nook - list of website resources!
  • DeskSpacing - desk space visualizer
  • Firefly Jar - Floating blob / firefly glow effect for website backgrounds
  • Tamanotchi - a tamagotchi-like pet for your site